IBRACO x Hope Place x Pembinaan JBS Sdn Bhd : House Fixing


With representatives from HOPE Place & Pembinaan JBS Sdn Bhd


IBRACO Berhad, in collaboration with HOPE Place and Pembinaan JBS Sdn Bhd, unveiled a heartwarming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project on May 24th, 2024. This initiative aimed to provide a new home for a family in need, transforming their lives in profound ways.

The beneficiaries of this noble endeavor were two men, one of whom is currently undergoing kidney dialysis, and his 71-year-old father. Prior to this intervention, their living conditions were far from ideal, with limited resources and a home that did not adequately cater to their needs.

However, thanks to the collective efforts of IBRACO Berhad, HOPE Place, and Pembinaan JBS Sdn Bhd, a ray of hope shone upon them. The new home not only provided them with a safe and comfortable shelter but also offered them the prospect of a better quality of life.

The official handover ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter for this grateful family. Their expressions of joy and gratitude resonated deeply, symbolizing the transformative power of compassion and community support. With their basic needs now met, they could envision a future filled with possibilities and renewed hope.

This CSR project exemplifies the positive impact that corporate entities and community organizations can achieve when they come together for a common cause. It serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and solidarity in building a more inclusive and compassionate society. Through such initiatives, we can create lasting change and uplift those who need it the most.


Melina (Ibraco), alongside with the founder of HOPE Place, Mr Kelvin Wan took some time to talk to the owner – on his thoughts and hopes with this new home.


The condition of the house before renovation


A brand new home.

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