Hope Place - Charity Partner

A relationship built since 2017, IBRACO adopted HOPE PLACE as its charity partner and provided the organisation the free usage of much needed bigger spaces for its daily operation at the developer’s flagship township of Tabuan Tranquility; initially with one shop lot it has now grown to two for more storage, aside from pledging monthly cash sponsorship.

HOPE PLACE, or Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching, is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to alleviating the plight of the poor and the deprived, regardless of race or creed, through 1) the provision of sustenance and other essential items 2) repairing dilapidated houses 3) helping fire and flood victims. HOPE PLACE extends its regular assistance to victims from mainly Kuching area and as far as Santubong, Matang, Bau, and Serian. Nevertheless, at times of disaster (eg., fire disasters), it has also reached out to those in the hard-to-reach places in the rural areas of Sarawak where the communities rarely, if ever, received any form of assistance.

HOPE PLACE’s recipients of assistance are from 5 target group categories: 1) Disabled (OKU) individuals with conditions like Down Syndrome 2) Senior citizens sick or abandoned by their children 3) Single parents with children still schooling 4) Physically disabled people and 5) Families with a total income of less than RM1000 a month.

HOPE PLACE’s modus operandi is by collecting donations from do-gooders including individuals, groups, organisations, and the corporate sectors, and distribute the donations, on a three-monthly basis, to those in need.

In ensuring that its donated resources are given to the rightful recipients, HOPE PLACE will first evaluate the genuine needs of the charity beneficiaries through interviews, and will only proceed to donate upon the fulfilment of certain set criteria. Subsequently, the welfare and living conditions of the families will be reviewed on a half yearly basis, and aid will be discontinued once these have improved.

Starting as a one man show by its founder, Mr. Kelvin Wan, to date (January 2024), HOPE PLACE has a total of 300 needy families presently under its care. Regular donations in the form of essential items required or cash, are needed for the continuation of assistance to all 300 families, and more.

List of essential items regularly required by HOPE PLACE are rice, milo, salt, sugar, cooking oil, biscuits, oat, noodles, adult pampers, children pampers, special milk Ensure, Enercal & Pediasure & Nutren fibre.

7 years down the line, IBRACO has since contributed and volunteered for a few works namely the house fixing, repairing of bridge for a house and new in the pipeline is offering Education Scholarship for potential candidates that has to drop out of school due to family matters. To be eligible, HOPE PLACE will first assess on different criteria and hopefully with this initiative there will be less dropout rates while giving the opportunity to these less fortunate to explore their potential via education and later on in their adulthood.

Donors can contribute to HOPE PLACE by visiting its office at Sublot 25, TT3 Commercial Centre, Tabuan Tranquility, or contact its office at 013 567 2775, or visit its Facebook page (click here)

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